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Alexa is a highly recommended Auckland Celebrant with many years experience. She is an ACCREDITED member of CELEBRANTS ASSOCIATION OF NEW ZEALAND. She delights in crafting a ceremony to meet the needs of each individual,whether it be a marriage ceremony, a civil union or a naming ceremony. With a friendly nature, a great sense of humour and a caring attitude Alexa delivers her ceremonies with style. She has developed a well known reputation for her top class delivery and her memorable presentations. She is flexible in her attitude and enjoys travelling throughout the country as she officiates at ceremonies. Alexa has a wide range of skills as she is also a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse. As a highly recommended funeral celebrant she shows much compassion. Alexa has welcomed newborn babies into the world, walked beside those who grieve, and celebrated those significant events in the lives of many. Check out her photos on her blog and

Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Beginnings: Hatched, Matched and Dispatched: Auckland Celebrant.

Who would have thought 14years ago that I would at this hour be sitting up at my computer starting to write my blog about my celebrant work.   I guess we all have to begin somewhere.  It was way back then I hardly knew how to use a computer, let alone much about the life of a celebrant.
As they say, life is a journey and one never knows what is around the corner.   Maybe it is just as well!
I often think when planning a holiday it is not always the destination that is so grand but the actual journey.
The people I meet and the places I've past through on the way and the experiences that I have had, which have enriched my life.
My experience as a celebrant has taught me alot about who I am and how I connect with other folk.
Having trained as a nurse at the young age of 17years I have learnt alot about life,death, grief, loss and pain and also about joy and happiness.  I have also learnt alot about physical pain and emotional pain as well and how death is very much  a part of life.
As I matured I realised just how important it became to celebrate all those milestones.  My 21st birthday, engagement, marriage, children's births, christenings, and all those wonderful family events.
Then there were the sad occassions, the death of my pets and later the death of my parents.
It was at my father's funeral as I sat and listened to his eulogy that I decided that this is a pathway that I would like to pursue.
So I can now say 'THANK YOU DAD',  it's been a great journey and I haven't yet arrived at my destination.... 
Also a big thankyou to those people who have trusted me and given me the privilege to officiate at that significant milestone in your life, you too will forever be remembered as I turn over the pages of my memory book!.

We are all on a journey together....
To the center of the universe...
Look deep
Into yourself, into another,
It is to the center which is everywhere
That is the holy journey...
First you need only look,
Notice and honor the radiance of
Everything about you:
Play in this universe... Tend..
All those shining things around you:
The smallest plant, the creatures and objects in your care.
Be gentle and nurture. Listen....
As we experience and accept
All that we really are...
We grow in care.
We begin to embrace others
As ourselves, and learn to live
As one amongest many.
            ...... Anne Hillman.