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Alexa is a highly recommended Auckland Celebrant with many years experience. She is an ACCREDITED member of CELEBRANTS ASSOCIATION OF NEW ZEALAND. She delights in crafting a ceremony to meet the needs of each individual,whether it be a marriage ceremony, a civil union or a naming ceremony. With a friendly nature, a great sense of humour and a caring attitude Alexa delivers her ceremonies with style. She has developed a well known reputation for her top class delivery and her memorable presentations. She is flexible in her attitude and enjoys travelling throughout the country as she officiates at ceremonies. Alexa has a wide range of skills as she is also a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse. As a highly recommended funeral celebrant she shows much compassion. Alexa has welcomed newborn babies into the world, walked beside those who grieve, and celebrated those significant events in the lives of many. Check out her photos on her blog and

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Gracehill Vineyard Estate

2020 has been a very uncertain  year for us in  New Zealand; along with folk living in the rest of the world affected by the Covid 19 pandemic.  For couples trying to plan their wedding, along with wedding venues and everyone else in the industry it has been a very emotional, uncertain and frustrating time.  Not knowing what date would be totally free from the restrictions of lock down,   it was a tricky situation trying to settle on a date.

Vinnie and Danielle were one of these couples who rode the waves of the levels of lock down not knowing if their planned wedding was going to be cancelled or not! 

They were indeed one of the fortunate couples when the restriction was lifted and a wedding of 100 guests could be held. 

Held at the picturesque Gracehill Vineyard Estate it was indeed a beautiful wedding and the smiles on their faces showed how happy they were. They both looked great in their wedding attire along with their bridal group.  

It was a pleasure to officiate and share this memorable occasion with them both and also the rest of their family and guests. 

Best wishes to you both for a great future together.  Alexa xx 

"Think not you can direct the course of love, for love, if it finds you worth, will direct your course.